• me: i am actually so happy with my life right now for once
  • next day: *everything fucks up*

"Where did you learn to do that?"

"I’m pretty sure the answer is ‘I am Groot.’"  (x|x)




Skull, found in France, with a knife still embedded it it.  The skull belonged to a Roman solider who died during the Gallic Wars, ca. 52BC. It was on display at the Museo Rocsen in Argentina.  

Whenever I see things like this, I wonder how they died. I guess it will always be a mystery.

I’m gonna go with “Stabbed through the head” 

This was not a simple altruism or generosity on my part.  It would look foolish any other way.  She hit the screen like a bomb. ~ Gregory Peck

Arianne Martell Appreciation Week: [Day 2] Favorite Quote A woman on the Iron Throne? Arianne thought about that for a moment and decided it was all to the good.